Advantages of Homoeopathy


  • Individualisation of treatment. Treatment directed to the individual as a whole through symptoms rather than at the disease by name. (He may not  have the disease suspected).
  • Drugs recommended have had extensive human experiment. We do not depend on guinea pigs, frogs, rabbits, etc. to outline the scope of medicine (drug proving).
  • By the homoeopathic method of using symptoms  (the “totality” is the third principle of homoeopathy) as a guide, curatively, to eradicate the complex disease and not just palliatively in the sense that one  takes aspirin for a headache or codeine for a cough or bicarbonate for a sour stomach.
  • No drugging effect , no possible harm to the patient.
  • Its modest cost and simple application.
  • Its non-use of serums, shots and injections.
  • The use by Homoeopathic pharmacists of fresh plant tinctures and preparations. The plant must be gathered at a specific time and immediately processed, usually the same day.
  • The no-deterioration of Homoeopathic preparations, consist of pills, tablets and liquid potencies and range from 3x upward. They remain clinically active indefinitely.
  •   It is the only system of using drugs that can be put in the hands of intelligent laymen without risk and with reasonable assurance of success.
  • It goes to  root of the problem and aims at setting right the constitutional defect that gives rise to disease.
  • The doses are extremely minute and cannot do any harm or produce side effects. They restore health most gently.
  • The medicines are most palatable.
  • When prescribed correctly, the medicines can act quite speedily.
  • It is more economical than any other system of medicine and suits well the needs of our country.


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